A Taylor Swift-themed cruise is hitting the waves in late 2024

A floating haven for Swifties.
The Taylor Swift cruise is called In My Cruise Era, a pun on the singer’s latest world tour. Photo: Shutterstock

It seems like the whole world is in its Taylor Swift era and, as further proof of that, Marvelous Mouse Travels is organising a Taylor Swift-themed cruise that will sail from Miami to the Bahamas in October 2024.

Announced mere days ago, the cruise is called ‘In My Cruise Era’ – a pun on Swift’s latest world tour, which has been breaking records across the globe – and will consist of four days on the Royal Caribbean’s Allure of the Sea

Obviously, each of those four days will be chock-a-block with Swift-themed events, such as a Taylor Swift-themed dance party, a Taylor Swift-themed karaoke session, and a Taylor Swift-themed trivia session. There will also be a zipline and waterpark on the cruiseship, but these do not seem to be Swift-themed.

Prices for this four-day trip from Miami to the Bahamas start from $1,573 (approx. €1,499) for a guestroom for two, which is far cheaper than what some people have paid to see Taylor Swift live in concert (as much as $11,000 (approx. €10,130) for one ticket, in case you’re wondering).

Fittingly, the In My Cruise Era cruise leaves from Miami on October 21, 2024, just one day after Swift’s last Miami show. 

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