The white base trend is a make-up revolution

TikTokers are painting their whole face white before applying make-up to give themselves that Insta filter-like complexion.

Make-up hacks are never in short supply, with social media ensuring a consistent string of must-try tricks that promise to make us look that much better. Some may fall short of this, but the latest trend, at least according to numerous content creators and even TeenVogue, is one that actually works!

The white base trend requires you to start your make-up routine by applying a whole layer of white face make-up, similar to what you’d use for Carnival or Halloween. You can then move on to the usual concealer, foundation, blush, bronzer steps. 

The idea behind it is similar to layering eyeshadow over a light base primer to allow the colour the pop, but in this case, it’s done over your whole face. And, while it does include a lot of layering, doing it right results in skin that looks as flawless as those Instagram filters rather than caking.

Having said that, some make-up gurus have suggested switching the white face make-up, which tends to be rather thick, with a white foundation base, such as MAC’s Pure Bright White Full Coverage Foundation.

From our end, we can’t decide whether it’s genius or crazy, but if you’ve tried the trend, let us know how it turned out!

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