San Andrea students create whimsical artworks for exhibition

Artworks created out of metal and beads to be on display during Christmas activity on December 14 and 15
Two of the students’ artworks on display.

A collection of works by Grade 6 and Grade 7 students is to be exhibited at San Andrea School as part of Christmas activities taking place there on December 14 and 15.

The exhibits are sculptures created in metal wire and colourful beads. The students were given a brief by their art teacher, Mr Anton, and asked to start their task by each one getting some research done with regards to creative ideas, media and techniques required.

They each made designs of their own ideas and later discussed them in class. They were then asked to form groups of four or five students where they shared their designs and ideas and later chose just one design to be developed into a sculpture. Choosing just one idea was a difficult exercise for the students but this helped them learn how to share ideas and work in teams.

The project also helped the students learn how to do research, be creative, discuss and share their own ideas within a team. It also helped them master the technique of using the necessary tools for the chosen media and construct a work of art.

The students were asked to find a way of presenting and displaying their works for others to admire.

Together with the finished work, the student will be also exhibiting the initial designs of each student together with the research done and the actual process of creating the three-dimensional works.

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