The little red dress is this Christmas’s hottest trend

Forget the LBD, it’s all about the LRD at this season’s parties.

It’s been almost a century since Coco Chanel introduced the world to the little black dress, which has become such a fashion staple most people refer to it simply by its acronym, the LBD. But, this season, it’s the little red dress (dubbed the ‘LRD’) that’s making waves!

Of course, the colour in itself may not be much of a shocker at this time of year, especially when considering that red is one of the characteristic hues of Christmas. Even so, the LRD is surprisingly versatile, with lace, corsets, sequins, glitter, bows, and patterns all being added to the basic red minigown to give it character. Moreover, the shade of red you opt for can range from engine red to burgundy, allowing you to showcase your style without many limitations.

Such is the popularity of the trend that it’s already been sported by numerous stars in the lead-up to the festive season. Ariana Grande combined her wool and satin LRD with elbow-length gloves, a diamond necklace, and pearl earrings; Rodrigo opted for a leather and sequined chiffon LRD, which she accessorised with some rings; and Sydney Sweeny paired hers with red shoes, a red handbag, and a red, structured bolero. 

Thankfully, a lot of brands have also been taken in by the trend, giving you the chance to get your own LRD just in time for Christmas and all the events that come with it!

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