A Christmas gift for history buffs

Welcome to your new favourite platform, run by historians, with hundreds of documentaries, podcasts, articles, and more.

From Joan of Arc to Henry Kissinger, from the rise of Hannibal to the the Boston Tea Party, and from the history of sex to how our belief in the afterlife has changed through time: if you’re into history and learning something new every single day, then History Hit may just be the thing you’ve been searching for. 

Launched by historian and presenter Dan Snow MBE in 2017, History Hit has been described as ‘Netflix for history lovers’, and we can certainly see why. The platform, which was sold to Little Dot Studios in 2020, has amassed a loyal following thanks to its selection of by-subcription documentaries, articles, podcasts, and discussions on a wide range of history-related topics.

While the focus is the UK, which is where Snow hails from, there is content about famous historical figures, events, and places from all across the globe. This includes Pompeii, the rise and fall of Napoleon, Ancient Egypt, 20th-century America, South Asia through the ages, and even Malta in a number of audios related to World War II and Islam vs Christendom.

What we particularly love about this platform, subscription to which costs €7.99 per month, is that all the content is created by historians who are experts in their field. For example, American medieval historian Eleanor Janega takes care of most content related to the Middle Ages, sex historian Kate Lister covers topics related to sex, scandal, and society, and author Tristan Hughes does the bits about ancient history.

The platform is also updated daily, and there’s already a huge backlog of content to sink your teeth into, which makes the price tag even more appealing.

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