Cherry mocha – your end of year nail trend

JLo and practically everyone else on TikTok is obsessed with the new Cherry Mocha nail trend – but the colour actually has a long history.

We are here once again to alert you to a new TikTok trend; one that has been taken up by a multitude of beauty influencers, fashionistas, and even Jennifer Lopez. Called the Cherry Mocha nail trend, the new nail mode sees adopters painting their nails in a sultry, rich shade of burgundy that perfectly encapsulates the mood of the season.

While this trend has only been making waves online for a couple of weeks — things move fast on the video-sharing app — the only thing that makes this trend ‘new’ is its name. In fact, the term ‘Cherry Mocha’ basically describes a rich burgundy with cherry undertones, which makes it vert reminiscent of the iconic 1994 Chanel Vamp nail polish. In other words, this trend is a resurgence of a 90s trend – quelle surprise!

This time round, however, the nail trend also comes with various options, with some incorporating the Cherry Mocha hue into their nailart, others using it to colour block, and others still combining several shades of burgundy to create an ombre effect.

In case you’re wondering, Jennifer Lopez’s manicurist, Tom Bachik, used an affordable nail polish from Essie called ‘Bordeaux’, which retails for around €12, to create her look. In the post, which has since gone viral, Jenny kept her nails short with a rounded tip. 

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