Bangs may be 2024’s biggest hair trend

From side-swept to full bangs, celebrities are chopping off their fringes and giving themselves a new look in the process.

Bangs have been in and out of style ever since the time of the Pharaohs, with examples of this haircut showing in hieroglyphs, Roman statues, Renaissance paintings, turn-of-the-century photography, and even early 2000s selfies. Now, as 2024 gets in full swing, bangs – or, as British call it, the fringe – are back.

Everyone from Taylor Swift to Priyanka Chopra, and Dakota Johnson to Emily Ratajkowski, has recently been pictured with bangs. But, don’t fret, as the trend isn’t just about the full bangs, which is when you chop your whole fringe to land just over your eyes, but also 

  • curtain bangs, which is a longer style that flatters every shape face,
  • wispy bangs, which tend to begin a third of the way up the scalp and fall down the sides of one’s face, leaving parts of the forehead showing,
  • side-swept bangs, which sees the fringe being parted to one side,
  • and baby bangs, which means the fringe sits just on top of one’s eyebrows.

The great thing about bangs is that they really do reframe the face and give you a whole new look. Nevertheless, as many of us have learnt the hard way – possibly by cutting our own fringes as children or making a drastic decision following a break up – different-style bangs suit different face shapes… So, if you’re looking to get bangs, our advice is to speak to your hairstylist and discuss which option would best suit your face!

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