Prime drops trailer for new Jennifer Lopez film

Coinciding with her first studio album in a decade, Jennifer Lopez’s ‘This Is Me… Now: A Love Story’ movie features husband Ben Afflack.

Jennifer Lopez needs no introduction, but if the trailer for her upcoming movie is anything to go by, we may get to see the star in a whole new light.

Set to be released on February 16 on Amazon Prime Video, This Is Me… Now: A Love Story is being referred to as a ‘narrative-driven cinematic odyssey, steeped in mythological storytelling and personal healing’. 

Her most personal and deep-delving project to date, the visuals of the film have left people baffled, and it’s not hard to see why: in the opening scene of the trailer, Jennifer can be seen riding a motorcycle along with husband Ben Affleck over water, then she’s in numeral musical-like wedding scenes, an intervention during which Lopez is called a ‘sex addict’, adventures in what seems to be a bionic body, plenty of therapy sessions, a rose petal factory, and even a scene straight out of Singin’ in the Rain.

Throughout all this, Lopez is the narrator and she refers to herself as a ‘hopeless romantic’ and that her answer to the question of what she’d like to be when she grew up was, ‘in love’.

Directed by Dave Meyers, the film is set to be a visual representation of Lopez’s upcoming album, which will be her first in a decade. It’s also set to feature an impressive cast of celebrities, including Sofia Vergara, Post Malone, Trevor Noah, Kim Petras, Sadhguru, Jenifer Lewis, Keke Palmer, Derek Hough, Jay Shetty, and Fat Joe. 

You can watch the trailer below but we warn you, it’s pretty trippy!

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