Looking for your next exotic escape?

This stunning Indonesian resort may just be the luxury break you’re craving – and it’s 100% sustainability-aware.

Maua Nusa Penida, a leader on Indonesia’s luxury resort offerings, has been recognised by five prestigious international accolades, reflecting the resort’s unwavering commitment to excellence, sustainability, exceptional culinary offerings and above all the preservation of Nusa Penida’s unspoiled natural environment.

Maua is an upscale lifestyle brand of Swiss-Belhotel International focused on wellness, peace and health in reclusive and eco-friendly settings renowned for its commitment to excellence, sustainability, and the harmonious connection between guests and nature. Its architectural design seamlessly combines modern aesthetics with the island’s natural beauty and responsible tourism.

Maua Nusa Penida’s winning spree began with the coveted title of ‘Best Island Resort’ awarded by Exquisite Media. This honor underscores Maua’s commitment to offering an unparalleled island escape, combining luxury with the pristine beauty of Nusa Penida. Soon after at the esteemed World Luxury Hotel Awards, Maua Nusa Penida won the ‘Global Luxury Private Pool Villa Award’ and the ‘Regional Best General Manager Award,’ the latter being a testament to the exemplary leadership and vision at the resort.

Continuing its impressive performance, Maua triumphed at the World Luxury Restaurant Awards. The resort’s culinary prowess was celebrated with three awards namely ‘Continent Artisanal & Organic Cuisine Award,’ the ‘Continent Luxury Eco-friendly Restaurant Award,’ and the ‘Country Magnificent Scenic Views Award,’ all of which highlight Maua’s dedication to sustainable luxury and exceptional dining experiences.

The resort is committed to sustainability and environmental responsibility and implements a complete ban on single-use plastic products, safeguarding the island’s pristine beauty. Furthermore, Maua Nusa Penida is deeply involved in safeguarding the critically endangered Bali starling, an indigenous bird species of Indonesia.

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