The printed neckerchief is one of 2024’s biggest fashion trends for men

Silk or cotton, loose or tight, knotted or flowing: this year, the printed neckerchief is making an epic return to men’s fashion.

As the years roll by, men’s fashion is becoming evermore dynamic and colourful, showing the clear move away from strict conventions, boring suits, and minimalism. This can be seen on catwalks across the world, where accessories for men are proof of this booming trend… One of these accessories that will surely dominate the world of men’s accessories in 2024 is the printed neckerchief.

Now, many of us may refer to it as a ‘bandana’, which is not strictly wrong. But, either way, the printed neckerchief is basically a piece of square, triangular, or rectangular fabric which can be tied around the neck. This adds flair to any outfit, be it casual or formal, and gives off an air of sophistication.

One thing we particularly like about this trend is how democratic it can be: you can find neckerchiefs in a variety of colours, patterns, sizes, and prices, ensuring everyone can find an example they like and afford – no wonder it’s become so popular!

Such is its rise, that sales of such neckerchiefs for men increased by 11% in 2023 over 2022 in the US, with the trend expected to continue this year. This, however, isn’t just down to the catwalks, but also to celebrities who don them. These have included singer Harry Styles and rapper A$AP Rocky, who have also combined theirs with brooches and scarf rings to further enhance the look.

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