‘It’s a challenging process’

Musician Moira Stafrace has just staged a strong comeback with her first new solo single, Sugar Pain, a track with a deceptively upbeat vibe with lyrics that speaks of the pain of love.

The singer described the process as “challenging”, after 28 years performing as part of the Chris and Moira duo. The two musicians were perhaps best known for obtaining one of the best Eurovision results for Malta, placing fifth with More Than Love in 1994.

“This is an ongoing project I have been working on with David Cassar Torreggiani and David Depasquale, who represent DiggerThings. I wrote the lyrics and melody line, while David (Cassar Torreggiani) composed the music. The songwriting is totally different to what I’m used to, but I pushed myself as I always do and it really worked,” she says, adding that there are new releases in the pipeline.

Sugar Pain is produced by DiggerThings/David Depasquale.

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