3 hairstyles that will define 2024

From the jellyfish cut for women to the step mullet for men, past trends get a new lease of life.
The Jellyfish Cut. Photo: TikTok/@DearTina

From Beyoncé launching her new haircare collection to Selena Gomez giving us two bold new hairstyles in as many months, 2024 seems to be all about the hair. This can also be seen on catwalks, where hairstylists are going above and beyond in serving us looks that dazzle and, sometimes, even confuse.

As is often the case in the 2020s, there is no one-set style that celebrities and stylists are adhering to, but there are patterns. The below three are our favourites.

The Jellyfish Cut is defined by multiple layers, with half tending to be rather short, stopping just at the chin, and the others meandering further down. The length of the longer set of layers can go just to above the shoulders or even further down to the waist. This gives the hair an almost other-worldly appearance that resembles the jellyfish’s shape. 

The Shaggy Pixie takes the short haircut and transforms it through multiple layers, more volume, and an extra bit of length. This gives the haircut a more structured, yet dishevelled, appearance, making it less Maria from The Sound of Music and more Katy Perry circa 2018. 

The Step Mullet is basically a traditional mullet but edgier – literally. Basically, instead of the layers gradually getting longer, the step mullet has, in essence, two layers: shorter ones that drape the face and decidedly longer ones that fall at the back. This trend seems to be more of a men’s style, however, and has become particularly popular among some K-pop singers!

Of course, there are various other trends that are also making waves, like the Italian bob, soft waves, and side parts, which seem to be making a comeback… The question is, however, do any of these make you want to head to the hairstylist for a make-over? We’d love to know!

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