TikTok’s latest dating trend is all about self-love

Who’s the best person you could ever get to know and date? According to TikTok’s latest dating trend, dubbed Masterdating, the answer is yourself.

Looking for love in the modern world is a path full of perils: from dating apps full of weird people to dates that stand you up, it can often feel like it’s all too much. That’s why a number of prominent TikTokers have decided that rather than dating others, they’re going to date themselves… 

But there’s more to the trend than first meets the eye.

Called Masterdating, the aim of the trend is to get to know yourself better by doing things you enjoy, trying out new adventures (solo), and treating yourself to wonderful things and experiences. This, the adopters say, strengthens the love you have for yourself, improves your mood, and boosts your happiness.

In itself, the trend is not exactly groundbreaking: the idea that we should love ourselves before getting into a relationship goes back decades. But some relationship experts, including Valon Asani from the dua.com dating app, says that Masterdating can actually give you a better idea of what you would like from your relationships, including romantic ones.

This is because knowing what you love doing, hate taking part in, and find annoying are all important factors when it comes to finding a partner. Plus, when it comes to dating apps, where some rejection is inevitable, the process of loving and being happy with yourself will make you more resilient. 

Our two-cents on the matter, is that it actually doesn’t matter whether you’re single or dating: you should still give Masterdating a shot. After all, doing the things you love and spending time with yourself can never be a bad thing. 

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