The reason this man does YouTube videos will melt your heart

‘Dad, how do I?’ is a YouTube channel run by Rob Kenney, a man who wants to help teach children growing up without a father some basic tips and tricks.

The Dad, how do I? YouTube channel was started by American dad-of-two, Rob Kenney, with the intention of showing children everywhere how to do basic things everyone should know. 

With a tagline that reads ‘Practical “Dadvice” for Everyday Tasks”, Kenney regularly uploads videos that teach children basic tips and tricks, like how to shave, tie a tie, change a tyre, boil an egg, save money, and use a tape measure.

While you might be thinking that these are all things parents may show you, however, the reason for this channel’s existence is just that. See, Kenney, 57, lost his father at age 12, and has often said that he knows what it’s like not to have someone show you the ropes. 

The YouTube channel and pandemic lockdowns gave him the opportunity to give others what he felt was lacking, with Kenney now uploading videos sharing his knowledge of DIY and much more. 

While some of the tricks are obviously only relevant to American audiences, many of his videos are universal, which partially explains why the channel now boasts 4.63 million subscribers – though Kenney’s kind demeanour and the channel going viral on Reddit surely helped.
You can watch the videos and subscribe here.

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