Heritage Malta launches patronage concept

Public presented with several options.

Heritage Malta has launched its patronage concept, offering several options for members of the public to make national heritage a part of their own legacy by becoming Heritage Malta patrons.

Heritage Malta patrons will be a cohort of like-minded supporters who champion the agency’s work and benefit from exclusive experiences and bespoke events that take them to the heart of Malta’s heritage. However, a Heritage Malta patronage goes far beyond access to sites or a sense of belonging – it is first and foremost about strengthening our rich cultural identity and investing in the restoration and protection of Malta’s heritage for future generations to enjoy.

Heritage Malta patronage is intended for everyone, everywhere. The agency has therefore designed flexible patronage options to suit different tastes and circumstances. The Heritage Malta Passport Scheme ensures complimentary access for all, a benefit that remains unchanged. However, the new Private Membership initiative, aimed at those with a passion for delving deeper into history, promises an enhanced and immersive journey.

Tailored for individuals and couples eager to explore Malta’s rich heritage, the Private Membership offers exclusive privileges. Members will receive behind-the-scenes experiences and exclusive previews of exhibitions and original artefacts. Furthermore, they enjoy unlimited complimentary entry to over 24 museums and sites, including special access to closed sites during exclusive events.

Corporate Patronage is meant for businesses and corporate companies who wish to sponsor Heritage Malta. In return, they benefit from unique and intimate events and are publicly acknowledged for their philanthropic donations.

Legacy Patronage is for individuals who wish to leave a gift in their will, or a donation in their memory, ensuring that their legacy has a lasting impact. Such legacies need not necessarily be monetary. One may choose to bequeath a collection, knowing that Heritage Malta will guarantee its safeguarding and preservation for future generations to enjoy.

One may also become a patron through volunteering. This is an ideal opportunity for those who wish to dedicate some of their time to assisting Heritage Malta in implementing its mission, whilst learning more about the agency’s operations and collections. Another patronage option is through collaborations. Heritage Malta is offering win-win opportunities for banks, private companies, hotels, catering establishments, tour operators, re-enactment groups, government departments, local councils and other NGOs to exchange resources and services whilst promoting the best in each other.

Collaborations can vary from direct sponsorship to the signing of agreements for the management of particular sites, staff development opportunities, and exchange of students, staff expertise and resources.

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