‘Ambassador of Rice’ comes to Malta

This Friday Phoenicia Malta is hosting dinner with Chef Gabriele Ferron.
Chef Gabriele Ferron

In a seamless blend of heritage and culinary innovation, The Phoenicia Malta – in partnership with Charles Grech – will host an exclusive dining event that transcends the ordinary, featuring the world-renowned ‘Ambassador of Rice’, Chef Gabriele Ferron.

This one-night-only epicurean journey is not just about savouring exquisite dishes, but about the opportunity to be immersed in a story that began in 1650.

Chef Gabriele Ferron, whose lineage has celebrated the art of rice since the 17th century, brings not only his expertise to Malta but a piece of Italian history. For the first time ever, this dinner invites gourmands and foodies alike to experience the nuanced symphony of flavours that only a master like Chef Ferron, with his authentic touch and innovative flair, can conjure.

Dinner will start at 7pm on March 22 at Contessa – The Phoenicia Malta’s latest culinary destination. Guests will begin their evening with an array of welcome canapés and a Milano Torino cocktail. The night will continue with a series of risottos that tell the tale of Italian culinary prowess: from the Carnaroli risotto with asparagus and goat’s cheese to the Vialone Nano risotto Island-style with cinnamon-infused pork and veal.

Each course is thoughtfully paired with the finest selections from Frescobaldi wines, such as Leonia Brut, Alie Rose, and the acclaimed ‘Lucente Luce Della Vite’. As Chef Ferron himself asserts, “in a world that moves too fast, it’s time to pause and let every bite narrate its story, to appreciate the deep emotions that a simple risotto can stir within our souls”.

“I have no doubt that Chef Ferron’s presence will truly elevate this experience to a realm of culinary storytelling that we know will delight,” says The Phoenicia Malta General Manager Robyn Pratt. “We invite you to join us in savouring this unique interplay of tradition and taste that can only be fully appreciated in the enchanting atmosphere of Contessa.”

Reservations can be made here.

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