Into the Royal family?

The Pop Apologists, whose TikToks about the whereabouts of the Princess of Wales have gone viral, are now sharing even more of their thoughts on their podcast with a new ‘Where TF is Kate?’ series.
Kate Middleton. Photo: Shutterstock

What is going on with the British Royal family? What is up with all those doctored images? And where TF is Kate? These are the questions being discussed on the Pop Apoligists’ podcast, which so far has two in-depth discussions on all the stories and rumours surrounding the supposed disappearance of the Princess of Wales. 

For those who are not as well-versed with what’s been happening, Princess Catherine’s last confirmed sighting was on Christmas Day. The next news we had was in mid-January, when Kensington Palace said that the Princess of Wales had undergone planned abdominal surgery, which had been successful, and that Her Royal Highness would return to her public duties after Easter.

Yet, as weeks progressed, things took a strange turn. This included, among other things, a Spanish media outlet reporting that the Princess was in a coma; her uncle, who is currently a participant in the reality show Celebrity Big Brother, saying he would only comment once the Palace had released a statement; and the Associated Press issuing a rare ‘Kill Notice’ asking for a photo of Catherine and her children released by The Royal Family to be taken down due to it being heavily edited.

Although all this may be one giant misunderstanding, Lauren and Chan, the duo behind the Pop Apologists, have gone viral through their so-far 31 TikTok reels sifting through all that has been happening and trying to figure out what has happened to the Princess of Wales. Their podcast goes even deeper and explores all the rumours and conspiracy theories surrounding the case. 

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