Noni’s traditional Bakkaljaw with a twist

The humble codfish is elevated into a finer experience with the use of luxury ingredients.
Noni bakkaljaw
Noni’s codfish puts a twist on the classic Mediterranean dish. Photo: Brian Grech

Bakkaljaw – or codfish – is a dish that takes inspiration from food traditions that are tied to the Lentin period on the island and around the Mediterranean. However, even though Lent is long over, bakkaljaw is very seasonal during this time of year and, at Noni, we have temporarily included it on our menu. Noni’s bakkaljaw is prepared in keeping with our  philosophy of using the whole animal in many different forms. Usually bakkaljaw is served with boiled or braised potatoes with garlic parsley and olive oil, and these are the classic ingredients that mainly form the basis of this dish. Our Sicilian chef de partie then added her own twist by adding raisins,capers and almonds.

A sauce is prepared from the trimmings of salt cod in the form of a brandade and poured table side. And lastly we prepare a sfinġa out of salt cod and potatoes, in a beer batter with a lemon and olive oil purée. Finish off by adding a touch of Oscietra caviar to give the dish a bit of luxurious edge and on the play of elevating a peasant dish to fine dining levels.

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