Space & Time officially opens at LuginsLand of Art

Curated by renowned Slovakian set designer and architect Boris Kudlička, it’s set to breathe dedicated spaces for the artistic community within the villa.
Space & Time exhibition is now open at LuginsLand of Art. Photos: Brian Grech

LuginsLand of Art, formerly known as Villa Luginsland, has opened its doors for its exhibition preview, Space & Time, curated by renowned Slovakian set designer and architect Boris Kudlička and the launch of the concept set to breathe dedicated spaces for the artistic community within the Villa which is currently under restoration.

The project is supported by OmenaArt Foundation, founded by Omenaa Mensah, Polish philanthropist, businesswoman, and art collector, who welcomed esteemed guests and artists to the villa.

“For the first time, we are happy to open the doors to LuginsLand of Art . My team and I have been working on this unique project for many months. We are excited to share the beginning of something truly special. I have always had a profound admiration for historic edifices. I am extremely excited to breathe new life into one of the most significant historical sites in Malta and provide an opportunity to share a dedicated area to the artistic community in the future,” said Omenaa Mensah.

Joanna Popiol, Director of LuginsLand of Art, underscored the meticulous conservation efforts and fruitful collaboration with the Superintendence of Cultural Heritage, highlighting the commitment to preserving and honouring the villa’s rich heritage and legacy.

The front part of the villa was dedicated to its long history and showcasing the ongoing restoration works, research and efforts in preserving the historical aspects. The inaugural exhibition Space & Time, curated by a renowned Slovakian set designer and architect – Boris Kudlička with curatorial collaboration of Maria Galea and Joanna Sczul, showcases the works of renowned Maltese and Polish artists and encompass both site specific installations which have been created in line with the curatorial concept and the historic reference of the site, as well as a curated selection of works from pre-existing series by the artists.

The visual narrative establishes an intriguing dialogue between Neo-Renaissance architecture and contemporary art, aiming to create an intersection between the past and present through intercultural exchange.

“The main inspiration for the exhibition is the villa itself, its profound history and marvellous architecture. We invited renowned Maltese artists to create site-specific works that represent the dialogue with the space and temporal dimensions of the villa. I am very happy with the diversity of the collection as the artists utilise different mediums and each of them presents their own unique perspective to the subject,“ said the curator Boris Kudlička Cultural Manager Maria Galea underlines the gratitude felt as Maltese citizen in appreciating the work being conducted to both preserve and revive such a magnificent historical space.

Featured artists include Mario Abela, Victor Agius, Matthew Attard, Norbert Attard, John Paul Azzopardi, Austin Camilleri, Monika Falkus, Antoine Farrugia, Nicolas Grospierre, Michał Jackowski, Ida Karkoszka, Lia Kimura, Marcin Maciejowski, Karol Palczak, Janek Simon, Nikola Vudrag, Xawery Wolski, Jakub Julian Ziółkowski, Maurycy Gomulicki

The commissioned site-specific art installations at LuginsLand of Art feature the works of Maltese artists Matthew Attard, Victor Agius, Mario Abela, and Antoine Farrugia. These pieces integrate history, nature, and architecture, with the respect to villa’s profound history. Each artist brings a unique perspective to their work, aiming to blend with the villa’s architectural and archaeological elements. From Matthew Attard’s digital landscapes to Victor Agius’s sculptures, these works evoke a dialogue between the past and present. Mario Abela’s installation prompts viewers to reflect on their impact on the world, while Antoine Farrugia’s use of Maltese limestone pays homage to the villa’s architecture. Together, these pieces form an intriguing display of artistic expression, inviting visitors to explore the intersection of time and space at LuginsLand of Art.

Alongside the exhibition, LuginsLand of Art is also organising the educational programme
to be launched on the March 23, which will extend until the end of May. The programme encompasses discussion panels and workshops, each delving into various facets of art and
its relationships, including architecture, archaeology, community, and artistic legacy. These panels feature distinguished Maltese and international artists, art historians, and art professionals who bring their perspectives on historical, social, and anthropological issues
to the fore. The programme aims to foster an environment for discussion and offers an
opportunity to explore the villa’s ongoing construction, restoration, and preservation efforts.

The exhibition is open for visitors during the Educational Programme and on March 20 to 22 and 25 to 28 between 12:00pm – 3:00pm. For more information visit https://omenaartfoundation.com/en/.

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