Charles & Ron launch new collection at Malta Aviation Museum

Handle With Care is an homage to the tradition of glass blowing.
The designers taking a well-deserved bow. Photos: Kurt Paris

Charles & Ron have just released their Fall/Winter 24/25 collection, Handle with Care. At its heart, the collection is an homage to the rich tradition of Maltese and Mediterranean glass blowing – a craft as fragile as it is beautiful.

The collection takes inspiration from the delicate artistry and vibrant hues of glass, translating these elements into a breathtaking array of wearable art. The meticulous attention to detail and the harmonious balance of strength and fragility in each piece reflect the essence of glass creations.

The title Handle with Care goes beyond the literal interpretation of the fragile nature of glass art, the designers stated. Rather, it serves as a poignant reminder of the broader, more pressing issues facing our world today: the gradual loss of our cultural heritage, the fading of artisanal traditions, and the extensive damage we inflict upon our environment.

The collection was launched at the Malta Aviation Museum, with singer Pamela Bezzina in attendance.

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