Have you visited this historic bridalwear exhibition yet?

The Maltese Bride exhibition at the Inquisitor’s Palace showcases five Maltese wedding gowns from the 19th and 20th century.

For the past five months, Birgu’s Inquisitor’s Palace has been home to an exhibition entitled The Maltese Bride: 19th – 20th century bridal wear in Malta. Through it, the public can see five stunning, historical bridal dresses that are part of the national textiles collection.

Each of the dresses comes with its own history. The earliest dress is handmade from silk lamè and dates to the first half of the 1800s. The most modern is one dating from 1979, which was then worn again by the original wearer’s daughter for her wedding in 2001.

Adding to the exhibition are two interviews that help contextualise some of the dresses. One is with the son of a 1917 bride who donned a black blouse and skirt that are part of the exhibition; and the other is with the 2001 bride herself.

The Maltese Bride goes further than just showing five different wedding gowns, however. The bridalwear’s changing styles and fabrics also tell the story of technological progress, ranging from pattern printing to photography.

The exhibition runs until July 31. Tickets cost €6 for adults; €4.50 for senior citizens, concessions, students, and those aged between 12 and 17; and €3 for children under 11 – though infants aged up to five go free. More information can be found on Heritage Malta’s website.

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