Singer Duffy returns to social media

Following her harrowing revelation of her abduction and rape four years ago, the UK-chart-topping, Welsh singer has made her return to social media.
Singer Duffy has returned to public life. Photo: Shutterstock

Back in the late noughties, Duffy was one of the UK’s most prominent singers, releasing the #1 single ‘Mercy’ and winning a Grammy Award for Best Pop Vocal Album for her debut, Rockferry. Then, in early 2011, she went on indefinite hiatus, leaving fans confused.

In February 2020, however, Duffy gave the harrowing reason for her hiatus, saying she had disappeared from the spotlight as she was recovering from being ‘raped and drugged and held hostage over some days’. In a statement of April of the same year, she explained that she had been drugged at a restaurant on her birthday before being flown to another country, held hostage in a hotel room, and raped. Understandbly, she revealed that this horrific experience had changed her, and led her to seek solitude for over a decade. 

Now, four years after that announcement, the 39-year-old singer has returned to Instagram with a motivational video about happiness, captioning it with: “A little something to motivate the heart. Hope you are all doing well. Lots of love, Duffy.”

Fans have been reeling from seeing the singer back, even if it’s just on social media and with something unrelated to her music. Many have shared their well-wishes, hoping she has somewhat recovered from her heartbreaking ordeal. Singer Duffy returns to social media

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