New stories take a look at old customs of Maltese children

Fourth ‘Karamellu tar-Raħal t’Isfel’ book published
Six of the 10 stories see Karamellu on delightful adventures during the Christmas season.

More stories about the small world and customs of Maltese children, when life in Malta was much simpler, are featured in the fourth ‘Karamellu tar-Raħal t’Isfel’ book, launched recently.

Six of the 10 stories in the new book carry the reader along with Karamellu on delightful adventures in the Christmas season, including one in which Karamellu debates with his friends whether Jesus had a dog.

The Christmas stories also include a surprise about Karamellu’s crib and clay figurines, his talent for singing, his grandfather’s interpretation of the relation between St Nicholas and Father Christmas, a strange event involving an unusual ‘strina’ and what his grandfather did at a Christmas concert for children.

Other stories revolve around Karamellu’s grandfather’s hidden special hat (barjola), a scooter race, a luck-linked two balls and an amusing story regarding a lottery ticket.

As with the previous three books, the stories in the new book are complemented by colourful and appealing custom-made visuals created by CN Creative Designs.

Karamellu’s stories are primarily intended for children, so that through a lovely and engaging read, as well as beautiful illustrations, they may learn more about how children like themselves lived many years ago, albeit in a different environment and with other habits from those of today.

At the same time, the stories provide nostalgic reading for adults, particularly those who enjoy regaling their children with experiences from their own childhood at primary school age.

The new book is available from Book Distributors Limited (BDL Books).

More information can be obtained by contacting Rita Micallef (nannukarm@gmail.com; tel: 7909 3467).

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