Matthew J Casha in first solo exhibition

Tmermir explores temporality and decay.

Multi-disciplinary artist, architect & designer Matthew J Casha is holding his first solo exhibition, titled Tmermir, at Rudy Buhler Art Gallery in Marsacala. The exhibition runs until June 16. Casha, whose works show a particular interested in abstract art, subjective reality, temporality and memory, is also a Premju ghall-Arti 2023 winner with the collective project Urban Fabric.

The collection of works on show explore temporality and decay. The exhibition also includes an accompanying poem by author and editor Ramona Depares, titled Żmien, taking inspiration from Casha’s works while creating a thematic tie to WH Auden’s Funeral Blues. Writer Alexander Zammit also wrote an essay to complement the works being showcased.

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