LuginsLand of Art delves into the world of Art & Conservation

More sessions to be held later this month.
Photo: Brian Grech

Earlier this month LuginsLand of Art invited the audience to the discussion panel Art &
Conservation as part of its Educational Programme. The session provided insights on the
principles of art conservation and meticulous techniques applied to safeguard the artworks at the villa from deterioration.

Facilitated by Cultural Manager of LuginsLand of Art, Maria Galea, the panel featured renowned art conservators from Poland and Malta. The panel started with the presentation by Pierre Bugeja, senior Conservator at PrevArti who shared with the audience the insights on the conservation process applied to the interior of the villa, including polychrome paintings by Giuseppe Cali.

Iwona Szmelter, Polish art conservator and transdisciplinary researcher provided a short brief of the history of art conservation and shed light on the interdisciplinary nature of conservation practice. She pointed out the importance of art conservation in preserving
cultural heritage and touched upon the notion of art in the contemporary digital era. Maciej Baran, art conservator and art historian shared the insights of the OmenaArt Foundation’s project – restoration process at North Gallery in Wilanów Palace, Warsaw, which is one of the most significant historical sites in Poland.

Last but not least, James Licari from the Malta Association of Professional Conservators and Restorers explained the process of the restoration of terracotta sculptures at the Villa and the elements of the research included in this process.

During the session, the participants had also an opportunity to experience a live demonstration of metal and stone works by AX Group, as well witness the artistic process of Maltese artist Antoine Farrugia creating site-specific sculpture in the garden of the Villa. What is more, the visitors took part in the curatorial tour of the current site specific collective exhibition Space & Time, curated by a renowned Slovak set designer, Boris Kudlička, which features the works of esteemed Maltese and Polish artists. The exhibition is also available to view outside of the Educational Programme, on selected days in May.

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