A tale of power and greed

New Asian series to hit Netflix
Photo: Netflix

The mysterious death of Asia’s largest diamond tycoon sets the stage for Master of the House, premiering on Netflix on July 18. In partnership with Kantana Motion Pictures, this Thai series plunges into the ensuing power struggles within his family, centering on the young and beautiful maid that he recently married.

Master of the House promises a thrilling exploration of human ambition and the extremes people will go to to fulfill their desires. The series vividly portrays drama in the distinctive style of Thai soap operas, or ‘lakorn’, enhanced by premium production quality and intense on-screen confrontations between rising stars and legendary actors.

Director Sivaroj Kongsakul blurs the lines between film, series, and lakorn, creating a drama that offers bold and digestible scenes for the audience. Master of the House not only entertains but also invites viewers to reflect on the use of power and greed in their own lives.

“The core theme of this series revolves around our ability to manage power and greed, and whether our pursuits might inadvertently harm others. If left unchecked, it can wreck relationships, families, societies, or even entire nations,” Sivaroj explains. “How can we control these impulses? Are we aware of the pain we might inflict in our quest for success? This aspect makes the show both entertaining and compelling, prompting viewers to reflect on these issues.”

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