Non-dominant hand writing therapy: why is it used?

Using your non-dominant hand to write answers to questions can give you a whole new perspective on your life.

Non-dominant hand writing therapy is by no means a ‘new’ fad, but it’s one that may not be well-known as some other life hacks. 

In essence, this process requires the person to use their dominant hand to write down a question they’d like to “discuss with themselves”, and then their non-dominant hand (so, the left for right-handers, and the right for left-handers) to write the answer. 

Practitioners of this therapy say that the non-dominant hand is connected to the right part of the brain, which goes beyond the rational and the linear. This means that using both hands can help you unlock new ways of looking at a problem, especially as your brain is working over-time to help you write the answer. 

Some, like relationship specialist and author Eve Eschner Hogan, have also used non-dominant hand writing therapy to have “conversations” with her other selves, namely her inner child, her inner teen, and her inner wisdom. She did so by assigning her dominant hand to herself, and her non-dominant hand to “whomever” she wanted to talk to. 

If you do decide to give this practice a go, keep in mind that it will be a slow process at first, especially as your brain needs to learn how to write with your other hand. It’s also okay if your writing is large and untidy. 

What’s important is to give yourself time to think and to be honest with your answers, even if they don’t align with what you want to hear. The goal here is simply to discover a new perspective, that you can then decide whether it is something you’d wish to pursue!

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