Top gadgets for antiques lovers

Keep your thrifted or store-bought antiques in tip-top shape and safely displayed.

If you love antiques, then you’ve probably got a collection of lovingly-sourced objets d’art waiting to be displayed safely and beautifully. The items listed below, which can all be found on amazon.de, can help you do just that!

Museum Wax: This putty is used by museums all across the world to secure art, statues, china, glass, pottery, and plastic to surfaces, ensuring they don’t fall in the case someone bumps into them, a cat tries to knock them over, or even in case of earthquakes. The one we chose is Bereit America’s aptly-called Quakehold, which costs €16.99 for around 57g. To that, you’ll need to add €7.53 for delivery. 

Plate-Hanging Discs: When most people think about hanging plates, they’ll go for metal hangers with springs. These, however, can damage your plates in the long run by putting undue pressure and even rusting. Instead, you can opt for ‘invisible’ disc plate hangers that easily attach to the back of the plates. Our favourites are the originals from The Disc Plate Hanger Company, which has been in business for over 60 years. The price depends on which size you pick: the 75mm ones, which can hold plates up to 200mm in diameter, cost €5.32 each, plus €3.49 delivery.

Ultrasonic Cleaners: If you often buy antique jewellery, coins, watches, metal stamps, or small items of silver, then investing in an ultrasonic cleaner just makes sense. These types of gadgets use sound wave frequencies to penetrate any gaps and clean in an effective, yet safe, manner. They can also be used for razors, glasses, contact lenses, and even children’s items like dummies. There are many you can choose from, including various sizes and powers. We opted for the Hogance 900ml ultrasonic cleaner, which uses 45KHz sound waves and has 50W power. This costs €45.99 + €14.11 delivery. Keep in mind that you may also need to buy cleaner concentrate.

Are there any other antiques-related gadgets you use? We’d love to know more about them!

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