Michelin star chef to lead zero waste cooking workshops for families

Workshops are open to children aged 8 to 14 together with their parents or legal guardians
Chef Jonathan Brincat

Chef Jonathan Brincat, co-founder of the Michelin star restaurant Noni, will lead two upcoming Foodwise Families zero waste cooking workshops.

The workshops, which are supported by APS Bank and The Melita Foundation, are open to children aged eight to 14 together with their parents or legal guardians. They will be held on July 6 and September 7 from 11am to 1pm at the RMHC Learning Centre in Qawra.

This initiative forms part of NGO NWAMI International Malta’s drive to combat food waste and build a sense of togetherness and common purpose. The project will give parents and children the opportunity to explore traditional recipes from Malta and various corners of the world while, at the same time, highlighting the fact that food waste is the third largest contributor to climate change.

In addition to these workshops, the project will culminate in the creation of an engaging Multicultural Zero Waste Cuisine Cookbook for Children, fostering interactive and sustainable culinary exploration with information about Maltese and global culinary curiosities and traditions, as well as practical tips for food shopping, food storage and food recycling.

“Project can help our communities better understand how we can all do more to be both creative and sustainable in the kitchen”

Maria Gabriele Doublesin, president at NWAMI International Malta and the creator of the project, said: “The Foodwise Families initiative has already created a positive impact with our zero waste cooking workshops giving children and their parents and guardians valuable culinary skills which enable them to prepare delicious and nutritious meals using a zero waste approach.

“The fact that a renowned chef like Jonathan Brincat has also decided to support this initiative and lead our next two workshops, is a clear endorsement of the importance we should all attach to avoiding food waste and exploring the food traditions of different people in our communities.”

Brincat loves taking the essence of Maltese food and reinventing it with a contemporary twist. Focusing on locally sourced ingredients which are in season also helps to ensure greater sustainability and less food waste, he said.

He believes that the Foodwise Families initiative is a great project “that can help our communities better understand how we can all do more to be both creative and sustainable in the kitchen. I am really looking forward to the workshops and to sharing some of my ideas with the families who will be joining us.”

The zero waste cooking workshops with Brincat are free to attend but spaces are limited and available on first-come, first-served basis. For more information and to register, click here.  

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