Finding my voice

Singer songwriter LUKE CHAPPELL talks about his new album Don’t Forget Me, Please

What inspires your music?

Music has always been a part of my life – in sound, design, lyrical creation or even just from a listener’s point of view. It helps me identify what I’m feeling.

I appreciate songs from RnB, to UK Drill, to classical music. I love implementing my own personal experiences in the music I write, it tends to be more genuine from a listener’s point of view. I’d say, my past relationship inspired me to dive in deeper and understand the process of what happened. My experiences with adolescence and transitioning from a teenager to now slowly a proper adult also served as inspiration. The experience in discovering yourself in the music industry, these are some of the main factors that contributed to my growth lyrically and musically.

What do you do when you’re not being a singer songwriter?

From a social aspect, you’ll probably find me at a club or bar with my friends just having a good laugh. That, or else at school, studying for my degree in Performing Arts. Studying is such a crucial aspect of being an artist. Stepping away from being a songwriter and taking the role of an actor, for instance, can give me the ability to understand different industries within the same segment. I never grow as an intellectual unless I place myself in an environment I can learn from, that can get me out of my comfort zone. 

How did X Factor help you?

 X Factor gave me the platform I never dreamt of having as a kid growing up in the industry. It opened doors for me to peruse music professionally, working with big producers like Peter Borg. Our country has improved so drastically over the years in the arts. I can tell that there’s a lot of movement and contribution in our industry to improve. If young musicians work hard enough and research enough about the resources they could use, they’d do well. It all begins with the self, in my opinion.

Tell me about the new album?

‘Don’t Forget Me, Please’ is a project I started audibly and lyrically around end of March this year. I finished it in America, during my trip to Los Angeles and San Francisco collaborating with Kanye West’s Producer ‘Will Chase’, and getting his artistic implementation on the project itself.  The idea behind this album was to portray my personal experience in the journey of coming out of my younger teenage experiences, difficulties in my past relationship and diving deeper into the discovery of adulthood. The struggles reveal themselves through the lyrics, having to differentiate between two very similar yet separate life stages that may or may not be overwhelming at the stage of adolescence.
It talks about themes like confidence, drug use, the party life, being in an unhealthy relationship and having to deal with that for a period of time, but also at the end discovering one’s self and the road to recovery.

I feel this was the result of suppressing my emotions, and not knowing how to deal with them – especially as we recently came out of a pandemic. I think anyone could easily relate to this body of work, and it would help them differentiate between the healthy and the unhealthy lifestyle/ choices. Teenagers have been affected by it socially, economically, and psychologically, and, speaking from personal experience, it is super therapeutic to listen to music in order to understand and identify our habitual patterns and the causes.

The album will be launched on November 25 and can be found on all major music platforms including Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, YouTube and more.

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