Creating luxury experiences

Designer Carla Grima (second from left).

Malta has seen a dramatic increase in the demand for luxury services and products as both salaries and the availability of top jobs have risen. Not only are people’s financial means changing, but so are their expectations around service and customer experience.

To address this growing opportunity, local designer Carla Grima has partnered up with branding agency Blonde and Giant to help brands create luxury customer experiences through branding, events, public relations, content creation, and experience design.

“The experience of luxury is what happens when you feel that a brand has gone above and beyond to understand all your needs, and has spared no expense of time in tending to them” says Carla. “Of course this applies to products and services that we all think of as luxury brands, but I don’t think it stops there. Any brand with valuable customers can create an elevated customer journey, and I think local businesses are starting to see the value in it.”

“We’re very excited to be collaborating with Carla to introduce a new standard in local luxury brand experiences” said Beppe Coleiro, Co-founder and Executive Creative Director at Blonde and Giant. “With Carla’s insight and experience in the luxury sector, combined with our excellent creative and strategic capabilities, we are able to support local brands in a new and specialised way”.

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