3 amazing kitchen gadgets to make your life easier

Whether you want to make your life easier in the kitchen or are looking for a gift that will get used regularly, these will hit the spot.

Investing in cool and functional kitchen gadgets is a sure way of making the time you speng in your kitchen easier and as low-effort as possible. The items below, which we have selected off amazon.de, are simple concepts that solve some of the peskiest kitchen problems. 

Cord Organisers: Your food mixer, coffee machine, air fryer, and toaster have one thing in common, and that’s that unsightly cord. At €13.99 for a pack of six (+ €8 delivery to Malta), these organisers attach to the back of your appliance so you can wrap your cords around them, ensuring they’re mostly out of sight when in use, and neatly tucked away when stowed.

Pan Handle Attachment: If you love cast iron pans but find they’re too heavy to lift, KitchInventions’ verital attachment for pan handles is the ultimate life-saver. This gadget goes onto any of your pans’ handles, quickly giving you added grip and support thanks to its ingenious design that transfers the weight to your forearm. The black version of this retails for €31.21, though other colours are marginally cheaper. While they don’t ship directly to Malta, you could always get them via MaltaPost SendOn. 

Vegetable Chopper: Whether you want your vegetables to be cubed, diced, spiraled, or thinly sliced, the Croc Chop by Fullstar X OTOTO can get the job done in seconds. With its five interchangeable blades and adjustable settings, this gadget’s crocodile-inspired, award-winning design saves you precious minutes when prepping for salads, soups, roasted vegetables, or making fruit easier for your children to eat. Currently, the Croc Chop is on sale, going for €29.99 instead of €35.99, while delivery will set you back an extra €13.10.

Are there any other kitchen gadgets you know about that could make a difference? Let us know in the comments section below.

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