Spotlight on animals: cat adoptions

Video courtesy of the Commissioner for Animal Welfare.

Stray cats are a sadly common sight in Malta, more so than dogs. There are many reasons why our feline friends may end up without a home. Behavioral issues, allergies, changes in living circumstances and – possibly the most common reason of all – a lack of commitment from the owner.

In some cases, people may get cats without understanding the responsibilities and costs involved in pet ownership. Suddenly they find themselves unable to cope with vet bills, or simply not having enough time to care for the cat.

While there are many carers who take on the duties of ensuring that stray cats are well-fed and have shelter, many others suffer from illnesses, malnutrition and injuries, and may struggle to find food and shelter on their own.

This is where adopting a cat from a shelter can make a significant difference. Adopting a cat provides a loving home to an animal in need, and helps to reduce the number of cats in shelters and on the streets. Moreover, adoption fees often include vaccinations, spaying/neutering, and microchipping, which can save new owners a significant amount of money on vet bills.

Opting for adoption helps reduce the number of miserable animals on our roads, and we all want that right? For more information, get in touch with the Commissioner for Animal Welfare on 798000046.

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