Get your 5 a day with a twist

April brings in some seasonal fruit and veg lushness

Summer is just around the corner and we all know what that means – it’s time to stock up on summer fruit and veg. I can already see you thinking about making peach jam and watermelon skewers, but let me remind you of the underrated seasonal fruit and veg. Let me take you through 5 of my favourite unusuals to help you vary your 5 a day.

Strawberries (Frawli)

Strawberries are a summer favourite – there’s even an entire festival for it. The Festa Frawli at Mġarr was only held last week and if you drop in to the village you’re sure to find a lot of roadside stalls selling fresh strawberries, jams, desserts, and all kinds of variations of this brightly-coloured fruit.

Loquats (Naspli)

Mini-pears? Not exactly. Loquats are definitely my favourite summer fruit. Grab a bunch and gather the fam for a sweet yet healthy snack. These are perfect for those lunchboxes too.

Melons (Bettieħ)

Don’t you love fruits that are both sweet and savoury? Roll a chunk of melon in parma ham to make a starter, chop it into a salad for your main, or line it up with watermelon and pineapple for a nice summer dessert. 

Broad Bean (Ful)

Ricotta pies, soppa tal-armla, kusksu, or just a snack as you binge-watch your favourite Netflix show, broad beans, a.k.a. ful, are back in season. There’s so much you can do with this veggie, it’s no wonder why it’s a Maltese favourite.

Red Chillies (Felfel)

If you’re looking for something spicy, you’re in luck. Red chillies are making an appearance this April. Remember – the smaller the pepper, the hotter it is, so watch out. Make sure you can handle the heat, and I don’t just mean the rising temperatures!

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