Fondazzjoni Sebħ project supports communities

The project includes workshops led by experienced artists.
The project see my voice won the President’s Award for Creativity.

Fondazzjoni Sebħ has recently launched a new project aimed towards creating a space for children who live within residential homes, for women and children escaping violence, and members of the communities of Ħamrun and Marsa, where the Foundation offers a social assistance service, to let their voices be heard through the medium of expressive arts.

The project See My Voice, which was awarded the President’s Award for Creativity last December, create new opportunities for expression through art, fashion design, drama and dance under the guidance of experienced artists.

The project, which is supported by Arts Council Malta, includes a series of workshops to be conducted throughout the year, whereby a culture of creativity will be promoted among Fondazzjoni Sebħ’s residents and service users.

The workshops will also encourage upcycling, showing how common everyday items can be transformed into items which can be useful and meaningful. This will help reduce waste, portray the significance of making something out of ‘nothing’ and convey the importance of being environmentally conscious. The plan is for this project to last beyond the workshops through the creation of ‘creativity corners’ within the residences and the various services offered by the Foundation, whereby the participants will be encouraged to apply these newly acquired skills and ideas to daily life.

This project will be brought to a close in November with an exhibition by the participants who will have the opportunity to express their emotions and share their thoughts. This will also be an opportunity for expression of diversity and inclusion. See My Voice project will continue to highlight Fondazzjoni Sebħ’s commitment to creating an environment for growth, fulfilment and recovery from suffering inflicted by past experience.

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