Eurovision 2023: The Busker new album?

A cheeky exchange during a Eurovision pre-party.
The Busker interviewed on YouTube channel DFerShow

The Busker, our Malta Eurovision 2023 golden boys, were caught on camera having a light-hearted convo with local Eurovision journalist Fernando Mercieca, who had a quick chat with the trio during a pre-party hosted by the Polish delegation. The resulting video is an exercise in pure tongue-in-cheek banter, the sort that has made the lads the darlings of the local media.

In the video, Dav.Jr, Sean Meachen and Jean-Paul Borg can be heard quipping with Fernando about the origins of their Malta Eurovision entry Dance (Our Own Party). As the guys revealed during this exclusive The Busker interview with Sunday Circle, the track has what they call “a cousin” – or rather, the very different original version of the track that eventually made the cut.

When Fernando asks our Eurovision Malta representatives about their plans for this original song, the The Busker reveal that they may actually release it. It’s all very tongue-in-cheek, so we’re not quite sure whether this was a spur of the moment announcement or something the fans should take seriously.

The conversation takes an even more light-hearted turn when Fernando asks about the band’s plans for the future and they reply…. “more cousins, lots of cousins” in a callback to the previous joke about the origins of Dance (Their Own Party).

Throughout the video we hear The Busker describing themselves as ‘natural performers’ with a twinkle in their eye. They may be trolling us, but the way they roll with the flow when Fernando suggests that they call their next album Cousins suggests that they’re not wrong.

Asked about their favourite aspect of Malta, Dav.Jr refers to his hometown Mosta, while Borg takes us across the channel to Gozo, which he loves for the food and countryside. But full marks go to Meachen for picking Valletta’s quirky culture and night-life. Totally unbiased verdict from this committed Beltija here, ahem.

Meantime, The Busker are all set to perform second during today’s Round 1 of the Eurovision semi-final on May 9. And we have the assurance of a ChatGPT Eurovision prediction that Malta will make it through to the finals. While bookies aren’t inclined to favour Malta’s chances, we prefer to put our faith in AI – tongue firmly in cheek, of course.

X2 joins the rest of Malta and Gozo in sending all the good vibes in the world to the lads for this evening’s performance. May they have a blast, whatever the result.

You can follow Fernando’s YouTube channel here. For more Sunday Circle magazine features check out 4 ways ChatGPT can be integrated in our daily life.

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