Watch this space

Get ready to enter the whimsical world of Luke Azzopardi Studio as the fashion designer changes the scene.
Chartreuse yellow dominates the new Luke Azzopardi Studio scene.

Designer Luke Azzopardi’s new studio in Birkirkara is growing and works are well underway as he celebrates a decade of the label and fashion défilés.

Fresh from launching his lastest collection, This is Going to Hurt, at the Casino Maltese, he is rolling up his sleeves and getting his hands dirty in a different way – on site with curator Andrew Borg Wirth and designer Mark Pace.

Theatrical design at the Casino Maltese catwalk.

In a sneak preview of the new and anticipated fashion space, a love for Chartreuse yellow emerges boldly in the décor and interior design.

“You may have noticed our obsession with Chartreuse yellow, our attention to meticulous textural detail and love for inspiring and spiritual spaces,” said the creatives behind the new studio that is taking shape and rising out of the “chaos”.

“We are working on a space that captivates and inspires; one that will tend to the interdisciplinary needs of a fashion brand for the future,” they said.

The idea is that “every hour will be agolden hour,” at the new atelier located on top of Goldfield House.

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