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Flowers in fashion

In a throwback to The Pink Fashion Show by Sicilia Outlet Village, Places: Design & Living looks at the link with floral design as crafted and created by flower master Alistair Fenech for the occasion.
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Our [glass] house

This Balzan apartment is the home of architects Steven and Patricia Risiott from A Collective, partners both in work and in life. The duo’s dynamics came into play as they embarked on what could be described as their most contentious project as husband and wife – but also their most fulfilling.
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A house like me

This 450-year-old Birgu townhouse is a big part of its owner, Claude Zammit Trevisan. A life-long project, at once fragile and fascinating, he believes the house chose him… and is now an extension of himself.
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Bringing the gorgeous garden indoors

Palazzo Parisio’s newly refurbished Luna restaurant is a reflection of the vision and lifestyle of Justine Pergola, and her love for nature, the arts and local talent. She talks here about the inspiration behind the fresh décor and the impetus the palace project has given her as she steps into the shoes of the late Baroness.
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New horizons for design studio

London- and Valletta-based Mizzi Studio has a new presence in Bali, Indonesia, unlocking opportunities for the team to grow its research and practice in nature-led, sustainably driven design.
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Embracing personality in design

Architect and interior designer Angie Sciberras brings the joy of colour into her design of a “love story” residential project in Rabat, where passion, light and custom creation came into play.