YouTuber Stella Cini launches new brand

Ciao bye to bad hair days with the viral Maltese YouTuber’s new line of paddle brushes.

If you’ve been following the Pink Magazine for a while, then you’ll know that we absolutely adore Stella Cini’s content – and, with over 791,000 international subscribers on YouTube alone, we’re clearly not alone. As you can imagine, we were over the moon to discover that she launched a new brand – aptly named Stellari – as well as a new line of paddle brushes that hit all the right boxes in terms of design, functionality, features, and sustainability!

See, while these paddle brushes have everything we’ve come to expect from such a hairstyling tool, like the classic large, flat surface, sturdy bristles, and a structured handle to make them easy to, well, handle, they also come with plenty of unique features.

For a start, the bristles are heat-resistant, meaning they won’t melt when used with a traditional hairdryer. This means you can use your paddle brush both to detangle your hair and to style without worrying about damaging your hair shaft or the bristles themselves.

Speaking of the bristles, Stellari paddle brushes also come with one missing bristle. This isn’t a mistake, but rather a very clever way to allow you to compress the bristle pad and drain out any water found leftover on the pad and the bristles… Ingenious! Apart from that, the surface area of the brush is larger than that of most paddle brushes, allowing you to detangle longer hair faster and easier.

Of course, we can’t talk about these brushes without commenting on their stunning aesthetic. As Stella revealed to us, the design was first fashioned in clay, giving her the freedom to experiment with different aesthetic elements. This then progressed to the final hair tool, which comes in either matte black or matte metallic rose. Each has plenty of beautiful accents, including a stunning three-dimensional logo at the back, as well as a metallic handle tip and bristle tips. Moreover, the handle itself is worth raving about, as its rope-braid design adds aesthetic value and grip.

To make things even better, these brushes, which sell for $52 each on the Stellari site, are made with 50% certified-recycled plastic, which makes them good for your hair and the environment. How’s that for a win-win situation?

We’re honestly in love with these and think you will be too, so check them out at www.stellarihair.com.

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