Ribbons are spring 2024’s biggest hair trend!

Dubbed ‘the ribbonaissance’ by Vogue, the advent of the ribbon as the main hair accessory of spring 2024 is making waves across fashion weeks around the world.
Photo: Instagram/META

Ribbons may be a recurring theme in period dramas as heroines flock to their local haberdashery to purchase lengths of it in a multitude of colours, fabrics, and styles. But now, it’s also one of spring 2024’s biggest trends for hair as some of the most influential fashion weeks have proven.

The trend was started by designer Sandy Liang, who, for her autumn 2023 collection, adorned some models’ hair with bows. The designer later wore ribbons in her hair at her own wedding and, a few months later, ‘the ribbonaissance’, as Vogue has dubbed it, was in full swing.

First there was Copenhagen Fashion Week, during which many designers added ribbons to their models’ hair ranging in style from the coquette aesthetic to simple bows. Then there was New York Fashion Week, during which the trend seemed to take a life of its own. Here, ribbons became features in their own right, rather than being pieces fabric that could create bows or hold things together. In fact, in some cases, models sported ribbons in a multitude of lengths, colours, and fabrics all in the same hairstyle.

If you’re interested in getting on board the trend – we know we are – then you’ll be glad to know that this ribbon revival is expected to hit mainstream fashion come March 2024. Any and all ribbons are fair play, be they velvet, satin, cotton, chiffon, or grosgain, so, our advice is to start holding on to those ribbons that are tied around pretty packages or bouquets, as they may just end up your most stylish accessory of spring 2024!

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