‘Glam is always a vibe’

Designer Jason Grech wins Karly Naudi’s favourite fashion moment.
Karly Naudi (right) on the red carpet with Sarah Zerafa. Photo: Daryl Cauchi

Karly Naudi is a trans activist, one of the first trans fashion models to hit the local catwalk, and a full-time HR manager. Here, she tells us how a dress by Jason Grech – the only one available in her size at the time – became the centre piece to one of her favourite fashion moments.

What would you consider to be your favourite fashion moment? There are too many to choose from! I’ve been fortunate enough to have quite a few of these, having modelled for some great local designers, namely Charles&Ron, Parascandalo, Jay, Jason Grech, Herman Vassallo, Malcolm Cremona, and Gaetano.

Can you describe the outfit in detail: For this fashion moment, I opted to focus on a pistacchio coloured, floor-length dress with a metallic green puffed design between the end of the shoulder and the start of the arm by Jason Grech. It was a plunged neckline and a standard slit up the left leg – just gorgeous! 

How did you accessorise this outfit? Of course, during fashion shows, I have no say in styling – I can offer suggestions if I think something might look better or if the designer is unsure, but it is limited. When clothes are sponsored, sometimes you are also advised on how to accessorise the look. I’d have to say that, with the pistacchio Jason Grech dress, I opted to keep the focus on the dress by simply adding rose gold accessories, shoes, and bag. Rose gold was all the rave back in 2019. 

How did you decide upon what type of hair, make-up, and nails to combine with your outfit? My hair was a lot shorter at the time, and I remember having to do it and my make-up myself, so I stuck with what I knew: wavy hair and a heavy eye!  

What or who inspired the outfit? In reality, there wasn’t any inspiration per se. It was the only dress available in my size which was in Malta for a shoot, and Jason was kind enough to lend it to me to present an award. Once I put the dress on, everything else just sort of fell into place. Glam is always a vibe, but I think its how you put your spin on it that gives one their unique style. 

Who is your favourite style icon and why? Again, too many to choose from, so I’ll stick to my top three. I like Blake Lively: from her Serena Van Der Woodsen in Gossip Girl to her Met Gala gowns, I feel she always nails her looks. Then there’s Victoria Beckham’s classic elegance and she’s Posh Spice! And, finally, Sarah Jessica Parker, who although sometimes misses, in my mind she will always represent all of us Carrie Bradshaws! 

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