Putting the Zzzing into Maltese hospitality

Fast-growing local PropTech brand Zzzing is pioneering the future of hospitality with technology. CEO Bikram Arora explains how Zzzing blends innovative tech with an expert team to shape an ‘AmaZzzing’ experience for visitors to the Maltese islands.
Photo: Karl Hili

Like all great startups, Zzzing was born of a problem. Founders Bikram Arora and Edward Cauchi sought an effective and user-friendly property management tech solution – and, finding none, launched their own. And so began Zzzing in 2019: a full-service short-stays property management company powered by technology and headquartered in the Maltese islands.

“We’re driven by one simple goal: to be the very best at all things ‘zzzing’,” explains Founder and CEO of Zzzing and Managing Partner at the In21 Group, Bikram Arora. “Holidaymakers of all kinds – whether they’re families looking for fun, couples on a romantic getaway, business travellers who need a great location for remote working or adventure seekers hunting that extra wow – they all want their trip to have that special ‘zzzing’ they believe they deserve. We believe they do, too.”  

Part of the In21 Group, Zzzing’s holistic approach to hospitality using smart technology focuses on creating the ultimate visitor experience for those staying in private holiday homes, through partnerships with short-let property owners.

“We give short-let property owners the opportunity to leverage the performance of their rental space, keep their guests happy, work less and worry never,” he continues. “Short-lets can make them money, if done the right way. Once Zzzing has taken on a short-let property, working in collaboration with the owner as our property partner we invest in its styling, photography and marketing – and we only start making money when the owner does. Zzzing puts a property out there, ensures it remains a high-quality offering and increases the chances of renting it out, more often, and at a better price.”

Meanwhile, Zzzing’s custom-built technology revolutionises the management process for property partners, putting everything they need on one convenient platform. Via the Zzzing Property Partner Dashboard, owners can track how much money their short-let is generating in real time – and find a forecast of their potential revenue over the following 12 months. What’s more, dynamic pricing secures the best deal for both guest and partner. “One of the key pain-points of short-let rentals in the past is that managers never really knew how much money they were making, while navigating maintenance fees, tax fees, cleaning and styling costs. Zzzing addresses all this with one app that offers complete transparency on every aspect of property management. It’s definitely a game-changer for the local property scene,” adds Arora.

Zzzing’s passion for Malta directs its mission to provide visitors with an authentic, memorable travel experience on the island. Detail-oriented styling in every short-let – which showcases distinctive local brands such as Souvenirs That Don’t Suck and Gwarniċ Malta – gives guests a taste of the unique Maltese culture, language and lifestyle, while top photographer Karl Hili offers them an exciting glimpse of their holiday home well before they land in Malta.

“We want to attract a new type of traveller to the Maltese islands: a holidaymaker who wants to live like a local,” Arora asserts. “We strive to curate a holiday in Malta for guests that you can’t find on a brochure, which only comes from knowing where to look. Our Guest Experience team – the humans behind the tech – are always on hand to guide towards the real Malta: the hidden beaches, the lady who still works traditional lace by her door, the food, the community, the roads less-travelled. We want guests to be sorry to leave and already planning to come back.”

Indeed, with Zzzing’s help, properties in villages or towns historically perceived as less popular tourist hotspots, such as Zebbug, Siggiewi, Birżebbuġa and Marsaxlokk, are now gaining momentum. Property partners in these localities report making two to three times their previous long-let income, as travellers seek to truly live like a local. Zzzing even takes this concept a step further, with a Respect Our Neighbours campaign that reassures the local community that all guests will remain respectful regarding noise or litter.

Meeting the globally high demand from holidaymakers looking to stay in a spacious, feature-rich, self-catering home away from home, Zzzing has also recently launched its Virtual Concierge App. This latest PropTech breakthrough offers a free, five-star hotel-inspired concierge service to Zzzing guests from the comfort of their private holiday home. The app puts at their fingertips everything they need for peace of mind and a rejuvenating holiday, from booking a cab or an excursion to expert advice on exploring the Maltese islands.

The Virtual Concierge App also safeguards the guest experience. Zzzing’s strict universal cleaning protocols – designed for every different property or room type – maintains the highest standards of hygiene and cleanliness (right down to the linens), through an exclusive housekeeping team. And if a guest has a question? Zzzing’s Guest Experience Executives are available 24/7 via the app, ensuring guests are supported both before and during their stay.

Having set the benchmark for quality and innovation in hospitality, today Zzzing has an ever-growing portfolio of more than 150 properties, including apartments, penthouses, houses of character and guesthouses such as Spinola Stays – and it plans to double this portfolio by the end of the year.

Now, having transformed Malta’s hospitality landscape, Zzzing is looking to internationalisation.

“Malta will always be our home, but it has also proven that Zzzing works,” concludes Arora. “All that we have learnt here, we hope to apply in a smart, sustainable way – first in neighbouring Mediterranean countries, and eventually beyond. We always ask our guests: ‘Where’s your next trip?’ One day, Zzzing will meet them there.”

More information about Zzzing is available at www.zzzing.com.

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