5 simple ways to look after your hair in the summer

Our hair is not immune to the sizzling heat, so here are five easy and effective ways to keep it looking and feeling healthy.
Wearing a hat may just be the solution to bad hair days in summer.

Whether we’re heading to the beach or just on a grocery run, our hair gets the full blast of the sun most of the time. But this is just one of the factors having an adverse effect on our hair, as the salt from the sea, the chlorine from the pool, as well as sweat and humidity, all add to the damage we inflict on our locks.

But there are some easy ways to keep your hair looking great all summer.

Use (more) conditioner: Our hair requires different amounts of conditioner at different times of the year. During the summer months, our hair is stripped of moisture, which means we need to use more conditioner. To find the best type for your hair, we recommend speaking to your hairstylist.

Wear a hat: It may seem obvious, but physically protecting your hair from the sun is another good and easy step to avoid some of the damage. This is also a good excuse for increasing the number of hats in your collection and making something functional uber stylish.

Limit the use of styling products: Straighteners, hairdryers, and the rest of the hairstyling tools brigade will only add to the heat damage your hair is already being exposed to. In the warmer months, consider letting your hair airdry or, at least, use the lowest heat settings.

Invest in hair treatments: Hair treatments can give your hair a moisture boost, helping it look more lustrous. Using such treatments overnight can revitalise your hair but, if you don’t feel like going down this path, there are also leave-in conditioners with SPF protection which you can use during the day.

Get regular haircuts: All this damage leads to split ends, which can make your hair look and feel even more lacklustre. So, book yourself an appointment at your hairstylist’s every three to four weeks for a trim to keep those pesky double ends in check.

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