‘Nothing stood out like the Balenciaga dress’

Diego Della Valle sandals completed the wedding look.
Balenciaga has always been an inspiration for Carina Camilleri. Pictured on the left is the dress she wore at her son’s wedding, while on the right she sports a more casual look by the designer.

Fashion stylist, Models-M director, and momager Carina Camilleri reveals the secrets behind the stunning blue Balenciaga dress she wore to her son’s wedding.

What would you consider to be your favourite fashion moment? This is a tough question as I have many favourite moments. A major one would be my Balenciaga dress for my son Dale’s wedding to Jess.

Can you describe the outfit in detail? I had travelled to Milan with my friend, Josef. We were there for less than 24 hours hunting for this dress. I went to the Balenciaga shop first and went straight to the rail with the dress on it. I tried it on, but I was hesitant as the dress had long sleeves and it was a summer wedding. We then attempted to find something at Saint Laurent, Fendi, Dior, and more but nothing stood out like the Balenciaga dress so back we went to buy it.

How did you accessorise this outfit? I wore a pair of sandals by Diego Della Valle, which my mum had bought me from Toarmina when I was 16. I had kept them and revamped them at WhizzFix, a repair studio in St Julian’s. They were the identical colour of the dress. I bought a matching bag from The Attico and got my jewellery from Pomellato.

How did you decide upon what type of hair, make-up, and nails to combine with your outfit? My hair was left in the capable hands of Katia, who went for the usual brilliant straight blow-dry. The magician Justin Brincat did my make-up, and we discussed this together beforehand. I wanted a bold heavy lid and that is what I got. 

What or who inspired the outfit? Balenciaga is one of my obsessions – not much thinking, it was the right outfit for the wedding.

Who is your favourite style icon and why? Tilda Swinton – everything looks perfect on her. She is an inspiration.

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