Restoration of historic Floriana church facade completed

The restoration project totalled an investment of €50,000.
Photo: DOI, Kian Bugeja

The façade of the Holy Cross Church in Furjana, better known as the Capuchin Fathers’ Church, has undergone significant restoration to replace fallen and unstable stones, cleaning old lanterns and cleaning the existing stone façade.

The restoration was funded by the Community Malta Agency in collaboration with the Maltese Council for the Arts. The process began during the tenure of the previous Provincial, Fr Effie Mallia. The church had to be closed to the public due to safety concerns, as stones from its façade began to fall. Fr Mallia explained that the Capuchin Province had sought assistance to address these damages, leading to this comprehensive restoration project, supported by governmental agencies.

The restoration project totalled an investment of €50,000.

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