5 easy to reach Instagrammable spots in Malta

Gorgeousness without the need to hike to obscure places.
The view from the Upper Barrakka Gardens.

We’re living in an era of social media, and everyone likes to think they are a photographer, but have you ever thought about specific locations for your photo escapages? Let me give you some inspiration by listing five cool Instagrammable spots in Malta, and how you should pose for unique shots.

1. Mdina, the Silent City

The stunning architecture in Mdina paired with its historical value makes it the perfect spot for an early evening vintage Instagram photoshoot. Consider the narrow streets, interacting with local by-passers, or even sitting on a front step with a bouquet of flowers. 

2. Valletta’s Upper Barrakka Gardens

An oasis right in the heart of our capital city, the Valletta Upper Barrakka Gardens make for the perfect Malta-themed shot. Not only is the garden full of beauty and elegance, it also represents our history as it overlooks the three cities. I suggest beating the crowds by taking the snap during the early morning or late afternoon.

3. Dwejra Bay, Gozo

Moving on to our sister island, Dwejra Bay is the perfect spot for a bohemian-styled photoshoot. Jump on a boat and capture the beauty of Fungus Rock against the clear blue waters. You can focus on the landscape or opt for a fashion shoot as you cruise through the seas. 

4. Ramla Bay, Gozo

Take your shoes off and walk through the sand of Ramla Bay. The terracotta-coloured hills in the background paired with the clear blue of the sea and the red sand create an excellent contrast against any bright sun dresses, hats, or beachwear. 

5. Blue Lagoon, Comino

Let’s not forget about the Blue Lagoon, which is probably one of the best places to take Instagram photos. Go high-end by standing on a yacht with a sunhat and sarong or slap on a snorkel and mask and take an underwater shot. Either way you’ve got the perfect shot in the perfect place.

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