‘I felt like a princess all night’

Blogger and content creator Melissa Pace tells us how a chance find online became her all-time favourite look.

What would you consider to be your favourite fashion moment? My favourite fashion moment happened last June at a friend’s beach wedding. 

Can you describe the outfit in detail: A few weeks before the wedding, I was casually scrolling on the site of an online fashion retailer … I immediately fell in love with this off-shoulder, light blue dress that had embossed flowers all over. Those who know me know that I’m obsessed with flowers, so this was definitely up my alley. In fact, while I already had another dress in mind and felt it might have been too much for a beach wedding, I couldn’t resist wearing it and I’m so glad I did… I felt like a princess all night!

How did you accessorise this outfit? I paired it with silver jewellery, including heart-shaped stud earrings, a necklace with small spheres, a matching bracelet, and a silver watch band. With regards to the shoes and bag, I felt that white really fit with the color of the dress. Thus, I went for white sandals and a small white handbag. 

How did you decide upon what type of hair, make-up, and nails to combine with your outfit? For the rest of my look I went for something simple yet elegant to balance out the dress, which is quite elaborate. A few days before the wedding, I decided to get my hair cut to shoulder length as I wanted a change and it felt like it was the perfect time to do it since it was the beginning of summer. For that evening I decided to straighten my hair and put a light blue, beaded hair clip on the side. By the time I arrived at the beach and the wedding started, my hair turned wavy, which I preferred as it gave my do more character and perfectly matched the beach wedding theme. With regards to my make-up, I kept it as simple as possible: I wore matte brown lippie and I skipped on the eye shadow for a more natural look. Nails-wise, I always go for neutral colours so I opted for a French ombre manicure… A classic with a twist!  

What or who inspired the outfit? With this particular look, the dress came first and everything else was decided afterwards depending how it would tie in with the look.

Who is your favourite style icon and why? Personally, I don’t have a particular style icon that I look up to. I follow several content creators on social media, who inspire me and give me different look ideas. I believe that style is very personal and I feel that my style varies a lot depending on the day and my mood.

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