3 surprising benefits of ice rolling

You may have practised this in the early noughties or even seen it recently on TikTok, but what is ice rolling and how does it help your skin?

20 years ago – yes, that’s how long it’s been since the early noughties – ice rolling was a fad that had somewhat of a cult following. Even so, it quickly lost traction and it seemed to have been reduced to nothing more than a footnote in the history of the early 2000s beauty trends. But along came TikTok and the remergence of another beauty trend that’s been brought back from the dead.

Ice-rolling is, in essence, the action of rubbing something frozen across your face. This can be good, old icecubes or gadgets made specifically for the job. Either way, the benefits are more surprising that you might first assume.

Depuffs: The main reason people ice-roll is to depuff their faces, particularly first thing in the morning. This also helps brighten the skin and make you look more fresh-faced and awake. This may be just a temporary result, but you can ice-roll whenever you want so it’s a benefit that’s well worth mentioning.

Is anti-aging: Cold things are usually anti-inflammatory, and that’s certainly the case with ice-rollers. This helps reduce the effects of aging, boost collagen production, and speed up healing. What’s important is that you let the ice-roller glide across your face, as too much pressure could cause damage.

Can relieve tension headaches: The ice roller is not just about beauty. By using an ice roller to massage your forehead and face when you have a tension headache, the ice-roller can double as a cold compress and help numb and alleviate the pain.

So, are you going to try ice-rolling? Let us know in the comments! 

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