The dreaded school runs beckon

Here are five ways to make life easier.

Summer’s almost over and we’re all getting ready for autumn to kick in. While most of us are thinking about getting a break from the heat, September also means kids are going back to school. There’s so much to think about, and although we cannot do anything about the 7am traffic, there are some things you can prepare in advance to reduce the stress of the transition. 

Stock up on school supplies

Check the stationery cupboard and stock up on pens, binders, file paper, and copybooks. Make sure you’ve got everything on the school’s list in advance to avoid the long lines as the first day of school approaches.

Set up a homework routine

Sit down with your kids and create a chart, slotting in hours for homework, study, and leisure. Set up an organised study space with pens, paper, and other essentials for completing assignments. This will create a routine that will (hopefully!) be easy to transition into. 

Prepare lunch ideas

Lunches can be tedious, especially when you’ve got more than one child. Create a list with different ideas or a meal plan that you can have on rotation. Lunchboxes with compartments for fruit slices and sandwiches allow for more variety.

Update emergency contacts

Check what information your children’s school has on file and make sure the emergency contacts are still valid. You may want to remove or add names or update phone numbers or other contact information. 

Organise after-school activities

Gymnastics, football, ballet, painting, catechism – children have a lot going on. Calendars and charts are amazing for organising after-school activities to make sure your kids get a balance of study, sports, and downtime.

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