Girl Math’s TikTok trend is changing our approach to spending

How can we use it without going overboard?

We’ve all had moments where we thought, “It’s on sale, so I’m basically saving money by buying it!” Enter ‘girl math’ a quirky (and its sheer positivity stops it from being problematic) term that’s made a splash on TikTok and offers a fun yet insightful take on our spending habits.

What is ‘Girl Math’?

Girl math is a catchy way of explaining the mental gymnastics we sometimes perform to justify our purchases. Think of those times when you’ve believed that cash isn’t the same as ‘real’ money or when you’ve felt that a EUR5 buy is nearly free because it’s so cheap.

While the term might sound new, this kind of thinking isn’t. What’s fresh is the name and the playful conversation around it. And as much as it’s a joke, there’s a real lesson in it for all of us.

The ‘Girl Math’ rulebook

Here’s what girl math often looks like:

  • Buying items on sale because it feels like a ‘win’.
  • Paying a tad more just to get free delivery.
  • Counting the coffees you skipped as money saved.
  • Treating repayments or any balance in digital wallets as surprise bonuses.

It’s amusing to think this way, and it shines a light on the creative ways we sometimes view our finances.

What we can learn from it

Now, don’t be fooled by the name. Girl Math isn’t just for girls or women. People of all genders might find themselves thinking this way.

One cool thing about girl math is that it shifts our focus. Instead of just staring at price tags, it makes us think about the happiness or value items bring into our lives.

Advice from a money coach

In my journey as a money coach, I’ve learned that understanding habits like “girl math” can guide us to make better spending choices. It’s not about ditching the logic, but blending it with our feelings and joys. It’s about recognising our spending patterns, understanding why we act a certain way, and then making decisions that keep both our wallets and hearts full.

So, the next time you catch yourself doing some “girl math”, pause for a moment. Reflect on why you’re considering that purchase and whether it aligns with your bigger financial and life goals.

Wrapping it up

In the end, girl math is more than just a fun trend; it’s a reminder that our spending choices are deeply personal. Whether you embrace it as a playful approach to money or just a passing fad, the key is to spend with thought, intention, and of course, a dash of fun. Because after all, isn’t that what girl math is really about?

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